Thursday, December 1, 2016

How the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season went down......

The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season officially came to an end yesterday. The Atlantic  hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th.

Current 2016 Tropical Cyclone Totals:

Total depressions 16

Named Storms: 15
Hurricanes: 7
Major Hurricanes: 3

U.S. Landfalls: 5

US major landfalls 0

My Seasonal 2016 Hurricane Forecast:

Named storms: 13-18
Hurricanes: 7-10
Major Hurricanes: 3-5
Land falling tropical cyclones: 3-5, at least one will be a major hurricane.

The 2016 Atlantic season was noteworthy for several reasons.
The Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) index for the 2016 Hurricane Season is 132.5
The first storm of the Atlantic hurricane season was Hurricane Alex, which formed on January 12. Alex was only the third January hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.

The last storm of the season, Hurricane Otto, ran its course in the final weeks of November. Hurricane Otto became the latest hurricane on record to form in the Caribbean Sea. Otto also went farther south than any other late-season storm, striking South America.

 The 2016 Atlantic Hurricane season lasted for 11 months, that makes it is the longest hurricane season on record.

That 11-month span between the first and last storms of the season make 2016 the longest Atlantic hurricane season on record.

The season was the most active season in years with more named storms than any year since 2012.

The season ended with 15 named storms (12 is normal), These 15 storms were named: Alex; Bonnie; Colin; Danielle; Earl; Fiona; Gaston; Hermine; Ian; Julia; Karl; Lisa; Matthew; Nicole, and Otto.

A total of seven hurricanes (Alex, Earl, Gaston, Hermine, Matthew, Nicole, Otto) and three major hurricanes (Gaston, Matthew, Nicole).

The strongest and longest-lived storm of the season was Matthew, which reached maximum sustained winds of 160 miles per hour and lasted as a major hurricane for eight days. Matthew was the first category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic since Felix in 2007.

A total of Five named storms made landfall in the continental  United States during 2016, the most since 2008 when six storms struck.

The Northeast and New England were pretty much spared this year, we just got brushed by Hermine, with some rain and a little wind.

I think I nailed my hurricane outlook...... I only missed in the major landfalling category.....which I missed by only 10 miles on the East Coast of Florida from Major Hurricane Matthew.
How do you think I did?