Surface Analysis and Charts

Surface analysis and upper air charts.

Surface Analysis

250mb Chart

500mb Chart

850mb Chart

925mb Chart

CAPE Chart

Current Northeast frontal positions

Extra-Tropical Cyclone Track Forecast

Current Storm Relative Helicity/Storm Motion Analysis

Surface Chart

Northeast Surface Chart

Animated US Surface Chart

Northeast surface chart

Current 850mb Upper Air ChartCurrent 700mb Upper Air ChartCurrent 500mb Upper Air Chart

Current 300mb Upper Air ChartCurrent 250mb Upper Air ChartCurrent 200mb Upper Air Chart

Surface temperature PotentialSurface Mixing RatioNortheast Surface Chart

Northeast US 2 Hour Pressure ChangeNortheast Near Freezing Surface TemperaturesNortheast Critical Thickness Analysis

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  1. I wish I could understand these charts

    1. I've posted a few blogs on this subject..If you read them they will shine a little light on the subject.

  2. I tried reading those blogs. Kinda hard for someone like me to understand.

    1. Meteorologist look at different layers of the Troposphere The 200 to 300 mb level is where the Jet stream resides. watching this level can tell you how strong storms might become. Each layer has a story to tell... for example the 850mb map is very important in knowing how much moisture is available for precipitation. Whereas, the 500mb level is the middle of the atmosphere. The low pressure systems you see on TV weather . are easily seen at this level.


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