Monday, September 22, 2014

New York State and its disservice to those with special needs.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, along with the state of New York is going to stop many of the programs, and curtail many others, in organizations like the ARC and DPAO. These organizations enable persons with disabilities and their families to have as fulfilling a life as possible. As, I've posted many times, those with special needs are very special. They are more caring and more human than all the rest of us.

This also means opening up the sheltered workshops to the entire community. Until now, these jobs only hired those with special needs....most of these jobs are simple and straightforward geared for those with special needs. These jobs bring those with special needs pride, contentment, and the idea that they too can contribute to society.

The Jobs will be given to so called normal people, the same people who could work anywhere they wanted.

The reason Albany has given for this severe cutback in services and employment opportunities, is they want the families of those with special needs to take care of them and not the state.... Which means, keep them away from the public eye and behind closed doors. Because that is what this all means, for many of the individuals in these programs this is the only life they have. They have no other employment or recreational opportunities available to them.

Most of the families of those with special needs are already stretched to the limit. Being the primary caretaker is an enormous responsibility and commitment; but it is one they step-up to everyday, without any complaint. Many of those with special needs live at home. But the state of mass transit, especially in rural areas, is a big issue. The lack of buses in rural areas, forces parents and caretakers to drive long distances, in order to get to medical, dental and other needed things. The State of New York, wants the families to take over the care; but what about the many with special needs who don't have a family, what about them? I guess they will just disappear and sit by the roadside of life.

I don't care if my tax dollars are spent on those who truly need the help. As is always the case, when the federal and state governments, balance their books it's on the backs of those who need help the most, those who are the most vulnerable, those who have nothing who are hit first and are impacted the most severely.

The State of New York is the most heavily taxed state in the United States. I see fraud waste and abuse of public tax dollars every day. More money is wasted in a week, than it takes to run these programs for a year. I want the government both at the federal and state level to be frugal with tax dollars. But I do want and expect my tax dollars to go to places where it is needed, especially when it comes to those with special needs. I don't know about you, but I want my tax dollars going to those who truly need the help; I don't want my tax dollars going to people who are able to work, but choose not to.

Please I beg you, if you feel as I do...please share this post..... I want everyone's eyes to see this injustice that is being done to people who are the most beautiful and compassionate... but who are also the most fragile and vulnerable people on the face of the Earth. An injustice that is being done in our name.

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